Sunday, January 1, 2012

Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons - Cathy's Review

Front Cover
This book follows a young woman, Thayer Wentworth, through her life.  She has a myriad of experiences that include times from her past, her days at summer camp and her first love.  She eventually marries Aengus, "an unconventional Irish prof." and they live happy and quiet lives.  But things begin to change and things get a bit more interesting.  One thing seems to come back into the picture - summer camp.

I thought it was a slow starter really.  I held on and I felt it delivered.  It had a bit of romance, mystery and suspense to it, although you sort of could predict some of what was happening but definitely not ALL of it.  Thayer's character has depth and there's more to her story than you first realize.  Although some of her story lines didn't go anywhere (and I wish they had), they added to the story in a good way.
 It had a bit of outlandish behavior (old Irish folklore gone wild) in it that just isn't my cup of tea.  Despite that, the characters throughout the book kept me reading and all in all I surprisingly enjoyed the book. You could be disappointed in the ending thinking the author just wanted to quickly end it in a good way.  I however appreciated the ending, giving me the closure I needed.    
RATING - I would recommend this book.