Friday, November 18, 2011

Left Neglected by Lisa Genova: Cathy's Review

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Sarah, the main character, is a career-driven and mom with 3 children.  She has a Harvard MBA and high-stress and high paying job.  She is efficient with the management of her life and her family's life.  But then one fateful day, trying to make a phone call while driving, has a tragic accident that changes her life's direction forever.  She's left to deal with a traumatic brain injury which erases the left side of everything in her world.  She is still the same woman, driven and goal-oriented, so she wills herself to heal and to be independent once again.  Meanwhile, life does not stop and they deal with an issue with their son while all this is going on.  And on her way to becoming independent once again, she learns how to be dependent on her mother, someone she couldn't depend on while growing up.

I really felt like this had a sluggish beginning.  Was this because I was anticipating the accident,  not sure.  While I understand character development, the author certainly made the main character pretty self-centered and dare I say an adult "brat" of sorts. 

One thing I noticed was that she complained of her mother not being present in her life as she grew up, yet she is doing the same thing with her very own children in the name of pursuing an affluent successful life.

The one redeeming quality in this read was that Sarah began to understand her son being "different" as she was forced in this new world of a woman experiencing a traumatic brain injury.

While it was a quick read and the topic of brain injury was interesting, it was not as compelling in a literary sense as some other books we've read in our book club.

I would NOT RECOMMEND this book.

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